Thursday, April 5, 2012

Music anyone?

Hope everyone had a fun Opening Day despite the outcome.  Just wanted to make you all aware of some things that were crossing my mind.

While I am looking to release the final project during the offseason, I've been toying with the idea of releasing short "episodes" here and there during the season.  Maybe just a few.  This will give me a chance to do some editing on some sequences that are more or less self-contained (like Opening Day) which will make the final edit a little less overwhelming because I'll at least already have some things done.  This will also give you all a taste of the style and feel of the documentary and allow me to hear your feedback of what you liked and what you didn't so I can keep these things in mind when making the final edit (this documentary is for you after all).

That being said, I want to reach out to all of you for some thoughts on music.  Specifically, I'm looking for people who know any local bands/artists because not only would I be able to get permission from them to make this a little more official (and hopefully not get sued), but why not use this opportunity to help them reach some new ears?  Of course I would give them proper credit in the film.  I'm interested in all genres, though I will say that if it is rap, I may be only interested in the instrumental (don't get me wrong, I'm a big rap fan, but since it has such a heavy emphasis on the lyrics, it doesn't quite mesh well for this kind of thing).  So if you guys make music or have friends that do, send their info my way, I'd love to hear what we can come up with.


  1. check out the band Charlie Wilmoth uses for the podcast. A Pittsburgh band called Meeting of Important People.

    they have a Tom Petty feel and PGH inspired lyrics. Would resonate with older fans and the newer fans that aren't so into the Wiz or Mac Miller scene.

  2. Kellee Maize is a rapper from Pittsburgh who releases most of her stuff for free - I bet she would be on board with this (despite her "City of Champions" song mentions the Pirates sucking).